Pre-Release Changelog#

Below are all the changelogs for the pre-release versions of hikari-lightbulb (version 0.0.38 to 0.0.61).

Version 0.0.61#

Breaking Changes

  • Removed ArgInfo dataclass.

  • Rewritten SignatureInspector class.

  • resolve_args_for_command now takes an additional argument context.

  • Calling invoke will no longer process converters.

  • Changed add_cooldown into a coroutine.

Other Changes

  • Added has_attachment.

  • Added check_exempt.

  • Fixed KeyError being raised when attempting to remove a command/plugin that doesn’t exist

  • Created class mapping for converters. See converters for details.

  • Added support for custom cooldowns through the dynamic_cooldown decorator.

  • Added lightbulb.converters.Greedy converter.

Version 0.0.60#

  • Added bot property.

  • Fixed admin permission checks not working as expected.

Version 0.0.59#

Breaking Changes

  • commands changed to a set from a dict for consistency.

Other Changes

  • Added walk_commands.

Version 0.0.58#

Breaking Changes

  • reply renamed to respond for consistency with hikari.

Other Changes

  • Fix IndexError raised when no command provided after the prefix.

  • Fix human_only and add webhook_only.

  • Fix role_converter incorrectly converting from mentions.

  • Include support for hikari 2.0.0.dev98.

Version 0.0.57#

  • Add missing_args parameter to NotEnoughArguments.

  • Fix __iter__ for WrappedArg.

  • Improve get_command to allow you to get subcommands without having to call get_subcommand.

Version 0.0.56#

  • Move docs to [readthedocs](

  • Refactor errors to ensure they get instantiated correctly everywhere they are used.

  • Fix various check messages and an issue where a check decorator added an incorrect check function.

Version 0.0.55#

Version 0.0.54#

  • Various performance improvements.

Version 0.0.53#

  • Fix print_banner.

  • Bump requirements.

Version 0.0.52#

Breaking changes

  • Removed custom_emoji_converter and replaced it with emoji_converter.

Other changes

  • Added has_permissions and bot_has_permissions.

  • Added guild_converter.

  • Exposed navigator callbacks to make it easier to supply your own buttons.

  • Fixed navigator not working with custom emojis when using your own buttons.

Version 0.0.51#

  • Added support for hikari 2.0.0.dev85.

Version 0.0.50#

  • Fixed channel.

  • Added NSFW channel only check.

  • Ensured all docstrings are correct and up to date, including any examples.

Version 0.0.49#

  • Improved help docstring format parsing.

  • Fixed get_command_signature no longer working due to an AttributeError.

  • Fixed send_help no longer working.

Version 0.0.48#

  • Added colour_converter and message_converter.

  • Added support for typing.Union and typing.Optional as converters/typehints.

  • Exposed the current help class the bot uses through help_command.

  • Added support for a custom cooldown manager class through the cooldown decorator.

  • Improved the error message for CommandInvocationError.

Version 0.0.47#

  • Added channel and guild properties.

  • Added plugin_check method.

  • Added custom_emoji_converter.

  • Made converters work when the arg is a name/name#discrim/nickname/etc

  • Added support for hikari 2.0.0.dev75

Version 0.0.46#

  • Fixed converters not working with kwargs for commands in plugins.

  • Improved

  • Added documentation and public method for how to customise how arguments are parsed.

Version 0.0.45#

  • Rewrote the argument parsing system and greedy arg system.

  • Made converters work for greedy args.

  • Added functionality to StringView to allow it to only parse up to a specified number of args.

  • Abstracted the handle method to make it easier to override to customise functionality.

Version 0.0.44#

  • Improved walk_commands.

  • Added walk_commands.

  • Added qualified_name, callback, checks.

  • Fixed wonky default help for command groups.

  • Added send_help and send_help.

  • Added get_context.

  • Added help_class.

Version 0.0.43#

Breaking changes

Other changes

  • Added new module,

  • Added two new events, CommandInvocationEvent and CommandCompletionEvent.

  • Added before_invoke and after_invoke.

  • Added when_mentioned_or to allow you to use the bot’s mention as a prefix.

  • Added clean_prefix to fix wonky looking prefixes due to mentions.

  • Fixed help command for single commands having quotes render incorrectly.

Version 0.0.42#

  • Changed user_required_permissions and bot_required_permissions to be hikari.Permissions objects.

  • Added CommandInvocationError for catching of errors raised during the invocation of a command.

  • Fixed greedy args not working with a default.

Version 0.0.41#

  • Added support for hikari 2.0.0.dev70.

  • Made instance methods work correctly as command specific error handlers.

  • Made context accessible through CommandErrorEvent.

  • Added isort to properly sort the import statements, not that you care.

Version 0.0.40#

  • Added the utils get and find helper functions.

  • Fix the for the utils subpackage.

Version 0.0.39#

  • Made it so that plugin names with spaces now work in the help command.

  • Fixed issue where duplicate commands would appear in help command and in Group.subcommands.

  • Added section to Implementing a Custom Help Command about using plugins with a custom help command.

  • Added a changelog.