This page does not aim to explain all the different Intents along with what events each of them enable, for information on this you should refer to the Discord documentation and the Hikari documentation

During development of your bot, you may have encountered the following warning:

W 2022-01-29 01:06:33,243 py.warnings: path/to/your/ MissingIntentWarning: You have tried to listen to SomeEvent, but this will only ever be triggered if you enable one of the following intents: SOME_INTENTS.

You may also have encountered certain aspects of the cache not containing entries where you would usually expect them to be present. For example: empty member cache, or presences cache.

The default intents given to the bot, if you do not override the value with your own, are present in the Intents enum hikari.Intents.ALL_UNPRIVILEGED.

This does not include the intents that you have to enable on the Discord developer portal in order to be able to use, for example, the GUILD_MEMBERS intent.

You can pass your own intents to hikari’s GatewayBot constructor, and so it follows that you can also pass your own intents to lightbulb’s BotApp constructor.

# Hikari only
import hikari
bot = hikari.GatewayBot(intents=hikari.Intents.ALL)

# Lightbulb
import lightbulb
bot = lightbulb.BotApp(intents=hikari.Intents.ALL)

To enable all gateway intents, you should pass hikari.Intents.ALL to the bot’s constructor, however you should note that the privileged intents must be enabled on the developer portal or an error will be raised when the bot starts. You should also note that once your bot reaches the verification threshold (80 guilds), you will need to provide discord with evidence that your bot requires the requested intents in order for you to be able to use them when the bot is verified.

Instead of passing hikari.Intents.ALL, you can also pass any arbitrary combination of intents as the Intents enum is a bitfield. To create your own combination of intents you should use the bitwise OR (|) operator.

import hikari

my_intents = (
    | hikari.Intents.DM_MESSAGES
    | hikari.Intents.GUILD_BANS
    | ...

If you have any further questions on any points mentioned here feel free to join the Hikari Discord Server where other developers will be happy to help you with your queries.