Version 1 Changelog#

Below are all the changelogs for the stable versions of hikari-lightbulb (version 1.0.0 to 1.5.2).

Version 1.5.2#

Version 1.5.1#

  • Fix annotations bug preventing invocation of the default help command.

  • Fix bug if slash command enabled_guilds is set to None

  • Add lightbulb.converters.timestamp_converter for converting timestamp mentions into datetime objects.

  • Add lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.default_enabled_guilds.

  • Add lightbulb.commands.typing_override.

Version 1.5.0#

  • Add support for python 3.10.

  • Add lightbulb.slash_commands.SlashCommandContext.fetch_response.

  • Add lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.autodiscover_slash_commands and lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.autoremove_slash_commands.

  • Add slash command setup error message if it seems like the bot wasn’t invited to guilds with the application.commands scope.

  • Add lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.load_extensions_from, lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.unload_extensions, lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.unload_all_extensions, lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.reload_extensions, and lightbulb.command_handler.Bot.reload_all_extensions.

  • Change lightbulb.slash_commands.SlashCommandContext.respond to always return the message object for the response.

  • Change slash command setup logging message level to INFO.

  • Change lightbulb.utils.nav.Navigator to work with slash commands.

  • Converters for prefix/message commands now work if you are using from __future__ import annotations.

  • Deprecate lightbulb.utils.nav.StringNavigator and lightbulb.utils.nav.EmbedNavigator in favour of lightbulb.utils.nav.Navigator.

Version 1.4.0#

Breaking Changes

  • Replace all context mention attributes with mentions, returning a hikari.Mentions object.

  • Replace options with raw_options

  • Replace option_values with options

  • Remove all deprecated functions and methods.

Other Changes

  • Add ability to specify defaults for slash command options.

  • Add dark mode to documentation.

  • respond now calls followup if create_initial_response has already been called.

  • Fix various docstrings and typos.

Version 1.3.1#

  • Fix has_roles check not working.

  • Fix token not being able to be passed positionally to the bot constructor.

  • Export all objects in lightbulb.slash_commands to the top level. E.g. lightbulb.slash_commands.SlashCommand -> lightbulb.SlashCommand.

  • Add is_initial_response attribute.

  • Add followup method.

  • Add add_to_command_hook parameter to Check.

  • Add more slash command events, SlashCommandInvocationEvent, SlashCommandCompletionEvent.

Version 1.3.0#

Breaking changes

  • Reimplement checks, remove all decorators apart from @lightbulb.check.

Other changes

  • Implement checks for slash commands.

  • Implement error handling for slash commands, see SlashCommandErrorEvent.

Version 1.2.6#

  • Add ability to define choices for slash command options.

  • Fix permission checks not working as expected (again).

  • Fix modification detection for global slash commands not working correctly.

Version 1.2.5#

  • Fix slash command groups all sharing the same subcommands.

  • Fix plugin_check not being applied to subcommands.

  • Swap order of command checks and argument parsing - checks are now evaluated before arguments are parsed.

Version 1.2.4#

  • Deprecate context properties and replace with cache getter methods.

  • Fix permission checks not working as expected.

  • Fix NameError and TypeError when attempting to add slash commands in python 3.9.

Version 1.2.3#

  • Fix incorrect ordering of command options when being sent to discord.

  • Fix optional arguments being required and required arguments being optional.

Version 1.2.2#

  • Reimplemented slash commands to improve construction of slash command classes. See the documentation for more information.

  • Fixed incorrect error being raised by bot_has_permissions

Version 1.2.1#

  • Made the bot now only send a slash command create request to discord if it detects that the version discord holds is out of date. This can be disabled using the recreate_changed_slash_commands flag in the bot constructor.

  • Various documentation improvements.

Version 1.2.0#

  • Made the bot attribute of slash commands public.

  • Added option_values.

  • Added SlashCommandOptionsWrapper.

  • Added purge_slash_commands.

  • Added support for calling add_plugin with a plugin class instead of an instance.

  • Added ability for a bot to be slash commands only by passing the slash_commands_only flag into the constructor.

  • Fixed AttributeError when using navigators.

Version 1.1.0#

  • Implemented support for slash commands.

Version 1.0.1#

  • Fixed AttributeError when using when_mentioned_or.

Version 1.0.0#

Stable Release

  • Compatibility with hikari 2.0.0dev101.